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Summer Jobs for High School Students

We are pleased to announce three summer positions for high school students at Greenest City on the Youth Green Squad.

Start date: July 2nd, 2012
Contract length: 7 weeks, Monday through Thursday
Compensation: $10.25 per hour, 31 hours per week
The application deadline is Friday June 15, 2012 at 5 pm EST to

Job Description
The Youth Green Squad is a seven week paid summer employment program offered by Greenest City, an environmental organization in South Parkdale. This program is designed for high school students with limited work experience and provides an introduction to various career fields related to food and the environment. The Youth Green Squad contributes to the community through a variety of local food projects, involving community gardening and cooking, while also developing life and job skills through training opportunities.

*Please be sure to review the Youth Green Squad _Student Summer Job Posting 2012  for eligibility criteria and complete job information.


Student Summer Jobs

THESE POSTINGS ARE NOW CLOSED – thank you to all the applicants

2 Student Positions Available:
•    Community Gardens Coordinator – 12 week contract, starting June 4th
Application deadline: May 23, 2012
The Community Gardens Coordinator will contribute to both a positive and productive growing season by supporting volunteers in Greenest City’s three gardens, including the HOPE Community Garden, the Youth Learning Garden, and the Milky Way ESL garden. The position involves both regular garden maintenance activities and organic gardening education for community gardeners of all ages and levels of experience.

•    Youth Green Squad Coordinator – 9 week contract, starting June 18th
Application deadline: May 25, 2012
The Youth Green Squad Coordinator will work with program staff to plan and lead this year’s team of students during their seven-week paid employment. The Youth Green Squad is a summer employment program for high school students, offered by Greenest City and focused on local food projects, including community gardening, food preparation for community kitchens, delivering food/garden-related workshops and community art.

Review full postings for details:

Community Gardens Coordinator_Greenest City Job Posting 2012

Youth Green Squad Coordinator_Greenest City Job Posting 2012

Visiting Magic Oven!

Tony and Abby Sabherwal started Magic Oven in 1997. They started this restaurant because they wanted to offer Torontonians healthy pizza with fresh, local and organic ingredients, without additives and preservative, and to make pizza available to those with dietary needs. Their belief is that “nothing artificial” should be added to our lives.

I visited the Magic Oven located at Liberty Village (127 Jefferson Ave, Toronto, ON M6K 3E4). It was around 8:30pm and the restaurant had no customers, it’s probably because they also offer take out. The restaurant was clean and very pretty. It was well decorated and comfortable. There was only one person working. He was the waiter, cashier and the cook. He gave us menu when we were seated and also showed us the special for the day. The day’s special was a big slice of pizza for $4.43, a big slice of pizza and drink for $5.31 and a slice of pizza and salad for $6.95. Magic Oven offers Soups, Salads, Express Yourself Pizza (Pizza that is good for you), Sandwiches, Pastas and Desserts.

When I looked at the menu, I was sure that I would try the Tandoori Chicken Magic pizza from the day’s special. I’m from India so I wanted to try something that would touch a part of my past. This pizza consists of Tandoori chicken, tomato sauce, ginger, green chillies, red onions, cilantro, light organic mozzarella. The pizza was made as soon as I ordered and it was hot when it reached the table. I really liked the chicken and the red onions added a slight crunch to it. The crust was thin and crispy just the way I liked it. Maybe it is because of where I come from, because I didn’t find the pizza spicy at all although there were green chillies in it. Overall, it was pretty good.

I also ordered Pepperoni pizza which consisted of pepperoni, tomato sauce, and organic mozzarella. I ordered this just to see the difference between magic oven and other pizza places like 241 and old man’s pizza in my neighbourhood. To be honest, I could taste the difference in the cheese itself. It was melted to perfection and when I took a bite of it, the cheese stretched just the way I love it! The mozzarella cheese is also organic so it adds on to the pros. The down side to the pizza dishes was that the pizza came on a paper plate, I was hoping for an actual plate. There were two slices for each of the pizzas that I ordered so thankfully my cousin came along.

For dessert I ordered the hazelnut cappuccino cheesecake ($6) which was to die for. The cake cut smoothly and melted in my mouth like butter. Best cheesecake ever! But again, the cake was given to us in a take away container. However, whoever made the cake, Bravo to you!

I would not recommend Magic Oven at Liberty Village for birthdays or other celebration because it is a small restaurant but it’s definitely a good place to hang out with a small group. I would definitely go back for more of their pizzas.

Be sure to check out their website:

So Long YGS…


I’ve enjoyed reading the blog posts so much that I wanted to post one of my own. So this is my first and last addition to the GC blog. I don’t think I’ve ever had a summer as engaging and exciting and as fun as this one. My work at Greenest City has been the most rewarding of all of my jobs, not only because Emma, Shariya, Carolyn, and Lipi,  are such wonderful co-workers (and Monica), but also because of my super awesome seven YGS members.  I’m sure Emma and Shariya will agree that interviewing the candidates and choosing our final seven was not at all an easy process, but I couldn’t be happier with the group we put together. You guys have been attentive and involved. You each have an impeccable attendance record and you’ve been such a pleasure to work with. We’ve had some hilarious and interesting and educational experiences. I’ve really loved coming into work each day and seeing all of your faces and hearing the things you’ve had to say. As much as I hope this has been an encouraging and unforgettable learning experience for you guys, you should know that I’m humbled by how much I’ve learned and gained from all of you.  Each and every one of you are truly talented, you all have amazing personalities and I hope that you find an unwavering confidence in your capabilities and in the young adults you are growing into. I miss you already and I’m really going to miss our check-out questions. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer and I hope to see you again soon 🙂 .

Fare well …….

This is it guys! My days with the YGS (Youth Green Squad) are over. It has been seven weeks since I started working but it feels like I have worked here for years. I’m really going to miss all my new friends, co workers and my three bosses. It has been very fun and I learned a lot but my journey ends here. I hope that one day I will get to share my knowledge to others. Last but not least I would like to thank all my teammates and my bosses for assisting me when I needed help the most, so thank you and goodbye.


I had aot of fun working with the youth green squad, from the farmers market to the canning at the pnc. I’m gonna miss alot of the workshops and activities we did like the food safety and handling and resume workshops. I’ll miss the friends that I’ve made over the past three weeks and our bosses. It was fun working with such wonderful people, its been a fun experience and i hope that one day we all see each other again. See ya around peace! 😀

Great Times

Although this is the end of my adventure as a Youth Green Squad member, it is definitely one of those experiences that I will never ever forget in my life. I loved it so much these seven weeks, so much that I still can’t believe that this journey is over so soon. I’ve also learnt so much in this program. And NOW, I will give you a brief overview of the things that I’ve learnt these seven weeks as a part of the YGS :D:

  • Gardening, Canning, Blogging and Video Blogging
  • Leading children’s activities
  • Cooking for more than 150 people at P.A.R.C
  • Cooking for Youth garden drop ins and Potlucks
  • Working on a farm when it rained (Bob’s farm to be specific) 😉
  • Touching worms while cleaning its home
  • Face painting and flower button making at local Farmers market

I’m going to miss all the Youth Green Squad members, each and every one of you and the greenest city staff members. Emma, Shariya and Baasima, thanks again for this opportunity that you’ve given me.


This is how I see us, even 30 years later, but older.


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