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Putting the Garden to Bed… this Sunday 12 noon – 5pm

It’s that time of the year again. The air is crisp, the elections are over, hockey season is well underway, and in a quiet pocket in the neighbourhood of Parkdale, a community garden is being put to bed before the onset of winter.

What: HOPE Garden Cleanup

When: Sunday, Oct 26. 12 noon – 5 pm

Where: HOPE Garden, 220 Cowan Ave.

So please join us if you are in the area. We’ll share our favourite memories from the garden, meet old friends, and also hot delectable soup.

It’s for the comfort of fall. It’s falling leaves, soft cardigans, and getting ready to prepare for another stronger and more beautiful season of gardening next spring.


Composting Workshop – From Bins to Balcony

Composting Workshop Poster by Abbey

Questions? Please call us 647-438-0038, or email us garden[at]

HOPE Garden Accepting Donations

All the wonderful programs and activities we do around the HOPE garden & the youth & Parkdale wouldn’t have been possible without the support and funding we receive from around the community.

As you know, although the work in itself is rewarding enough, it takes quite a sum of money to implement some of the projects that we like to see happen in Parkdale.

We humbly accept any donation and in-kind support that we can get from people like you.

To send us a cheque, please write it for “Greenest City” and mail it to:

Greenest City
c/o Masaryk-Cowan CRC
220 Cowan Avenue
Toronto, ON
M6K 2N6

Thanks again!

Youth Garden Work Sessions

Greenest City has just opened a new youth garden in Parkdale as part of its From the Ground UP program, and you are invited to be a part of this exciting venture.

Youth at work

Youth Work Session

Every Tuesday at 3:30 pm (meet in front of Masaryk-Cowan CRC, 220 Cowan Ave)

The youth garden is located in Dunn Parkette, across the street from Parkdale C.I.’s playing field on Dunn Ave. This garden is aimed towards creating a nurturing space for young people in the city to experience working in a garden, support in community building, and foster a deep appreciation for healthy living and meaningful work and participation.

We meet after school to work in the garden every Tuesday. The garden is in the beginning phase of its being, and all youth are encouraged to help in the positive creation of the space (design plots, create art, implement ideas etc.)

The youth work sessions are also an opportunity for those interested in the summer Youth Green Squad positions to secure a job interview with Greenest City through regular participation in the work sessions, and also to create a solid impression on us.

We also provide community hours for high school students that need them, along with snacks and refreshments as well. We know how tired you can get after a day’s worth of school.

Please wear garden work-appropriate attire. Contact us at gelek[at] or 647-438-0038 if you have any questions.

A Garden in Parkdale: Files from the First Year.

Flower Sun

Summer was a gas. A handout so thoroughly unassuming and yet drenched with the kind of fulfillment that you only get out of a really great, aching workout. Outdoors, camping…I worked at a community garden, attended workshops… Actually, let’s just forgo this didactic listing of events and instead, aim for one of those meandering, metaphorical streams of recollections and reflections. The ones that somehow converge into a watering hole brimming with grunts, darting eyes and false alarms. Is it just a far-off mirage or is it actually thriving with beasts of all stripes? Are those bobbing logs or idle crocodiles? Hold your nose tight and high, dear reader, for those rare pellets of wisdom might just be under a muddy morass of self-indulgent reverie.
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Hello Parkdale!

Welcome to our very own Hope Community Garden blog: a warm, comfortable place for everyone to keep in touch about upcoming events, special announcements, feedback and positive ideas.

Since the whole point of our organic garden is to ensure that everyone from all walks of life meet, colloborate and share ideas about how best to serve the community, this website will hopefully serve as a repository for all our thoughts and inquiries.

So, have a looksie, check out some of the pictures posted and just keep your ears on the ground for all our exciting developments.

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