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And now for the 2011 Youth Green Squad!

We’ve already posted for the Youth Green Squad Leader, now it’s time to hire the 7-person Youth Green Squad Crew.

The Youth Green Squad is a seven week paid summer employment program offered by Greenest City. This program is designed for high school students with limited to no work experience and provides an introduction to various career fields related to food and the environment. The Youth Green Squad contributes to the community through a variety of local food projects while also developing life and job skills through various training opportunities.

To apply, read the attached job posting and download and fill out the attached application form. Resumes and cover letters will not be read – if you can’t open the attached form, email to receive it by email or drop by our office and pick up a copy!

Application forms are due by Thursday, June 2 at 5pm. Late applications will not be accepted.

Sorry – This posting is now closed


Greenest City Youth Green Squad Coordinator

Greenest City is looking for a Coordinator for the 2011 Youth Green Squad. This position is conditional on funding from Service Canada’s Summer Jobs program and is only open to full-time students returning to school in the fall. Applications are due on Wednesday, May 18th, 2011.

Sorry – this position is closed!

Greenest City 2011 Calendar

Once again, Greenest City has compiled some of our best photographs and produced a calendar beyond compare!

And here, only on the HOPE Garden Blog, is your FREE PREVIEW!

To find out how to order a calender of your very own, check out our web site.

March Break Children’s Program

March Break Garden Program

March Break Garden Program

Rejuvenating Space

One of the goals and driving forces behind what we do in Greenest City is rejuvenating the local space around us and adding to it a dollop of vitality that engages the community.

Through our work with HOPE Garden in Masaryk Park, our first major initiative in Parkdale, and the subsequent murals and activities, our hopes were to help in infusing a variety of colours into the personality of the neighbourhood; and not just art for the sake of beauty, but more like beauty in the art of meaningful transformation.

Of course, this metamorphosis is multifaceted, and has layers upon layers of culture, background and significance to put into context. You have to be present to fully appreciate the full-extent of how a neighbourhood comes to be.

But if you can’t, for now at least, you’ll have to make do with pictures. And although they’ll never do justice to the depth of the transformation, or compare to smiling and talking with a community member, it does provide an aspect of Parkdale that is organic and oozing with colours.

HOPE Garden Accepting Donations

All the wonderful programs and activities we do around the HOPE garden & the youth & Parkdale wouldn’t have been possible without the support and funding we receive from around the community.

As you know, although the work in itself is rewarding enough, it takes quite a sum of money to implement some of the projects that we like to see happen in Parkdale.

We humbly accept any donation and in-kind support that we can get from people like you.

To send us a cheque, please write it for “Greenest City” and mail it to:

Greenest City
c/o Masaryk-Cowan CRC
220 Cowan Avenue
Toronto, ON
M6K 2N6

Thanks again!

Youth Garden Work Sessions

Greenest City has just opened a new youth garden in Parkdale as part of its From the Ground UP program, and you are invited to be a part of this exciting venture.

Youth at work

Youth Work Session

Every Tuesday at 3:30 pm (meet in front of Masaryk-Cowan CRC, 220 Cowan Ave)

The youth garden is located in Dunn Parkette, across the street from Parkdale C.I.’s playing field on Dunn Ave. This garden is aimed towards creating a nurturing space for young people in the city to experience working in a garden, support in community building, and foster a deep appreciation for healthy living and meaningful work and participation.

We meet after school to work in the garden every Tuesday. The garden is in the beginning phase of its being, and all youth are encouraged to help in the positive creation of the space (design plots, create art, implement ideas etc.)

The youth work sessions are also an opportunity for those interested in the summer Youth Green Squad positions to secure a job interview with Greenest City through regular participation in the work sessions, and also to create a solid impression on us.

We also provide community hours for high school students that need them, along with snacks and refreshments as well. We know how tired you can get after a day’s worth of school.

Please wear garden work-appropriate attire. Contact us at gelek[at] or 647-438-0038 if you have any questions.

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