ImageI know it’s been a while since I last wrote a blog, but this week I’m back!  First and foremost, I’ve been working for greenest city for 5 weeks now and I only have one week left. Sad I know, but they have treated me well and I’ve come to love working for them.  They have given me so many learning opportunities and have taught me a million things about my neighborhood that I never knew.  Lately, the Youth Green Squad has been setting up the mural in our youth garden and sketch is preparing a leaving due for us when we leave next week.

But enough of the down sides, now on to the fun stuffs we did.

We haven’t been to the farmers market this week due to the bank holiday Monday, well, I went but no one else did (I went shopping!) and there were a lot of people just chilling and buying food and having a good time.  On Tuesday though we had work at PARC which is always fun and rewarding.  This week we made hotdog weenies with bread and salad, and some cooked squash that I didn’t eat, I dun like the taste.

Sadly, our plans to go to the brick works went down the manure express due to too many things needed to be done around the office and instead we had a “field trip” to the Parkdale health center for about an hour.  We finally got round to cleaning out the hope gardens shed so that it was more accessible, though I didn’t like being inside it because it had been overrun with spiders.

And on a final note, this is my final blog whilst working for Greenest city. Not many people will read this but I like to think at least a few people have and have enjoyed what I’ve got to say. On top of that it has been a tremendous pleasure working with my fellow youth squad members and for Greenest City, and I hope to see my co-workers doing well in the future and saving the environment one leaf at a time.


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