Hello people my name is Tenzin Namsel and I will be talking about how
Thursday was one of the hardest days I had in the Youth Green Squad

The heat wave was murderous and I could actually feel myself tiring
before I had even started any work. I was sweating like mad when I was
working and the heat nearly made me fall down from tiredom. Impossibly, I
still pushed myself to work because more than anything else I was
gaining experience from working right out in the sun.

I learned how to bear the heat and I also learned how to weed. I
learned how to water plants and save seeds. I’m looking forward to the
weekend for every week. I have learned a lot about how to garden, and
how to cook and it is a great experience working with amazing people
on amazing topics. I truly feel honored to work with a great bunch of
team mates and also having a good time together work on issues that
need to be addressed by the public and the city of Toronto.

Thanks for reading this,
Tenzin Namsel


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