Monday, wazzup?!


Hey guys, Eoin here! This is going to be my little intro about the youth green squad and other stuff. So yeah, Y.G.S is a team of high school students helping out the Parkdale community, and we aim to provide help and services to some organizations

First Day!

So, on my first day we went and helped out at the Sorauren farmers market (located at Sorauren park). Helping them really felt rewarding, even though it was just setting up stalls and unloading the produce from their trucks to the stands. The vendors were thankful for all the help and that made it worth the sore arms.

The farmers market is run by Westend Food Co-op, who have been working to secure a home for their store which will be a huge organic food mart basically, but it won’t have all those nasty high prices that all the other organic food places have.

The experience

During my time wandering the stalls and helping unload the vans, I got to know a little bit about each stall and vendor. They all grew their own food naturally, and the all did it differently. One vendor has 12 acres on which he grows just about everything where as another vendor I spoke to, she only grows in her tiny back yard. all joined the farmers market to secure a position in the Co-op and to sell their produce to the public and get recognition. This really opened my eyes to what is going on in my area and its really surprised me.


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