Visiting Magic Oven!

Tony and Abby Sabherwal started Magic Oven in 1997. They started this restaurant because they wanted to offer Torontonians healthy pizza with fresh, local and organic ingredients, without additives and preservative, and to make pizza available to those with dietary needs. Their belief is that “nothing artificial” should be added to our lives.

I visited the Magic Oven located at Liberty Village (127 Jefferson Ave, Toronto, ON M6K 3E4). It was around 8:30pm and the restaurant had no customers, it’s probably because they also offer take out. The restaurant was clean and very pretty. It was well decorated and comfortable. There was only one person working. He was the waiter, cashier and the cook. He gave us menu when we were seated and also showed us the special for the day. The day’s special was a big slice of pizza for $4.43, a big slice of pizza and drink for $5.31 and a slice of pizza and salad for $6.95. Magic Oven offers Soups, Salads, Express Yourself Pizza (Pizza that is good for you), Sandwiches, Pastas and Desserts.

When I looked at the menu, I was sure that I would try the Tandoori Chicken Magic pizza from the day’s special. I’m from India so I wanted to try something that would touch a part of my past. This pizza consists of Tandoori chicken, tomato sauce, ginger, green chillies, red onions, cilantro, light organic mozzarella. The pizza was made as soon as I ordered and it was hot when it reached the table. I really liked the chicken and the red onions added a slight crunch to it. The crust was thin and crispy just the way I liked it. Maybe it is because of where I come from, because I didn’t find the pizza spicy at all although there were green chillies in it. Overall, it was pretty good.

I also ordered Pepperoni pizza which consisted of pepperoni, tomato sauce, and organic mozzarella. I ordered this just to see the difference between magic oven and other pizza places like 241 and old man’s pizza in my neighbourhood. To be honest, I could taste the difference in the cheese itself. It was melted to perfection and when I took a bite of it, the cheese stretched just the way I love it! The mozzarella cheese is also organic so it adds on to the pros. The down side to the pizza dishes was that the pizza came on a paper plate, I was hoping for an actual plate. There were two slices for each of the pizzas that I ordered so thankfully my cousin came along.

For dessert I ordered the hazelnut cappuccino cheesecake ($6) which was to die for. The cake cut smoothly and melted in my mouth like butter. Best cheesecake ever! But again, the cake was given to us in a take away container. However, whoever made the cake, Bravo to you!

I would not recommend Magic Oven at Liberty Village for birthdays or other celebration because it is a small restaurant but it’s definitely a good place to hang out with a small group. I would definitely go back for more of their pizzas.

Be sure to check out their website:


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