The Cardinal Rule

The restaurant I went to was The Cardinal Rule. Cardinal Rule is located in 5 Roncesvalles Ave. Cardinal Rule actually named after the one of the owner’s collection of cardinals. When I walked inside they had a great appearance . I sat down and they quickly gave me water. In also found the tables interesting, because they were covered with pictures of photos and newspapers, also they had great art designs of cardinals. One of they  art drawing I liked was the mother,farther, a kid half human half cardinals. They even had great pattern on they walls.

Another thing that was good in The Cardinal Rule was the they food that they had. The first thing that I’ve tasted was the burgers. Just looking at the it it was actually big comparing to the other restaurant I’ve been to. It was made out of lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, and melted cheese on top of the burger and tasted great,and also filling. I the second thing I had was the was the macaroni and cheese. Its was shaped like the sand castles people would make in the beaches. It was covered with Japanese bread crumbs with macaroni,melted cheddar, and cauliflower inside. Unlike some restaurants The Cardinal Rule makes their foods and the exact restaurant.

The owner actually didn’t bother giving info about the restaurant. If rate could rate this restaurant out of five I’d give it perfect. Also I might even start bringing my family members their.


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