Great Times

Although this is the end of my adventure as a Youth Green Squad member, it is definitely one of those experiences that I will never ever forget in my life. I loved it so much these seven weeks, so much that I still can’t believe that this journey is over so soon. I’ve also learnt so much in this program. And NOW, I will give you a brief overview of the things that I’ve learnt these seven weeks as a part of the YGS :D:

  • Gardening, Canning, Blogging and Video Blogging
  • Leading children’s activities
  • Cooking for more than 150 people at P.A.R.C
  • Cooking for Youth garden drop ins and Potlucks
  • Working on a farm when it rained (Bob’s farm to be specific) 😉
  • Touching worms while cleaning its home
  • Face painting and flower button making at local Farmers market

I’m going to miss all the Youth Green Squad members, each and every one of you and the greenest city staff members. Emma, Shariya and Baasima, thanks again for this opportunity that you’ve given me.


This is how I see us, even 30 years later, but older.



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