Cardinal Rule!

Where: 5 Roncesvalles Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6R 2K2
Cost per entrée: under $10
Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-free friendly options

If you’re looking for a nice restaurant with amazingly friendly staff and delicious food – look no more because Cardinal Rule is the place for you! Located conveniently just at the corner of Queen Street West and Roncesvalles intersection, it’s the first restaurant beside the ‘First Convenience’ Store. The moment you step into this restaurant you will be captivated by the nicely lit unique décor and comfortable atmosphere. The paintings on the walls and the art designs on the dining tables certainly gives off that Roncesvalles feel- very retro.

I was quickly greeted by the super friendly waitress as soon as I walked in and she politely took my order asking if I needed anything to drink while waiting. Before coming to the restaurant I had already taken a look at their menu online so I knew what to order right away. I ordered the Brisket Panini ($9) and the Maki’ N Cheese ($8). The food arrived in 5-10 minutes which was pretty fast considering there was a large group of 10-12 people that ordered before me.

The Brisket Panini looked delicious and included beef brisket, caramelized onions, and mushrooms on a ciabatta bun with smoked provolone with a cola and rum flavour. It also comes with your choice of a side of french fries or salad- it was perfect because I had a craving for french fries! The food arrived hot and the portions were generous. The Brisket Panini tasted incredible! The beef brisket was tender and all of the ingredients complimented each other. I’m usually not a fan of onions but the caramelized onions were an exception, it went extremely well with the mushrooms and cola and rum flavour! The fries were not what you find at your typical fast food place, they looked like they were home cooked and they tasted great.

Next was the Maki’ N Cheese; a definite eye catcher on the menu. It takes an innovative spin on your average comfort food. Macaroni pasta rolled sushi style around beef brisket, breaded in panko and deep fried to crispy goodness! The fillings for this dish changes from day to day. The food arrived hot, there were 6 rolls and they smelled awesome. I was so satisfied with this dish as it went beyond my expectations- the crispy goodness was definitely an added bonus! This is the first time I’ve tried macaroni and cheese in sushi style and it’s definitely one of my favourite dish!

Overall, I really enjoyed my dining experience at Cardinal Rule from the great décor to the friendly staff and don’t forget the amazing food! I’ve already told some of my friends of this great location and we’re determined to come by for lunch sometime! It’s a great place for casual gatherings and definitely a good deal regarding price.


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