Tofatoes :D

Alright so this week is all about
recipes. When I went to the food market I saw some tofu and got to try some and
I bought some and decided to make a simple recipe. Also thought that I should
make a side dish to compliment the tofu so I decided to make a basic salad with
some cherry tomatoes and mango chipotle dressing, I haven’t thought of a name
for it but I thought I’d just call it tofatoes :D. I called it that because I used
potatoes and mixed it in with the tofu to make a really good dish.

Okay so the process of making
tofatoes is very simple actually, all you need is one pack of tofu deli slices
you can get from the food market at Sorouran Park. Then you need garlic, onion,
potatoes, and pepper. The tofu already has a salty flavour to it so no additional
salt is needed for this. the tofu I bought was really good and I’m happy that i
can get some of these ingredients and create a recipe that my family can enjoy.

(tofu and potatoes mixed) 2-3 servings


Tofu deli slices                           1 pack

Potato                                       2 large potatoes

Garlic                                        3 cloves

Onion                                        1 onion

Olive oil                                    2- 3 tablespoons

Black pepper                              a pinch



Chop the tofu, potatoes, garlic
and onion. Just put a splash (2-3 tablespoons if u want to be exact) of olive
oil and setting the heat in high for a few minutes. Then add all the other
ingredients (except tofu) and stir till the potatoes are a light brown, then
add the tofu after a few minutes of the potatoes being cooked ( the reason for
this is so the tofu doesn’t wind up burning) and set it to medium for another 5
minutes. Once that’s done just eat with a side of salad and enjoy 😀


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Shariya on August 8, 2011 at 3:58 am

    Miguel, this is amazing! You created your own recipe with fresh tofu & included a salad, I love the sound of chipotle mango dressing. You should add the recipe for that as well. I wish there was a picture of this delicious sounding meal. I’m going to try to make it one day. Thanks for Sharing! – Shariya


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