Grilled Cheese Sandwich…with an amazing twist!

Once upon time, about six years ago I went to sleepover at my cousins house. We arrived at their house around evening so we decided to watch a movie and go to bed. The next morning I wake up to the smell of amazing bread, butter and water! Just kidding! I smelt the spectacular smell of grilled cheese! Normally I wouldn’t go crazy for coco puffs over it, but this was different! To show you what I mean follow the recipe below and bite into this wonderful surprise! Then I guess I’ll end my story there 🙂



2 slices of whole wheat bread

1 slice of cheese





1 teaspoon of honey

Step 1:

Depending on how many people you are serving assemble the slices of breads along a cutting board

Step 2: 

Place two pieces of bread on the frying pan, turn up the heat to medium

Step 3: 

Once the slices of bread starts to toast start to place a slice of cheese on one of the slices of bread

Step 4: 

Place the slice without the cheese on top of the other and wait for both sides of the sandwich to turn a golden brown

Step 4: 

Remove from heat and place on the cutting board again, lightly spread butter on the top of the sandwich

Step 5: 

Place the sandwich on to a plate and place the strawberry, blueberry, and blackberries on to the plate

Step 6:

Lightly drizzle honey over the sandwich and fruits, now you`re ready to eat!

*As a bonus, drink some milk with this sandwich 🙂

Well, after I bit into this sandwich for the first time I have never stopped speaking about it! Enjoy!


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