It’s Interview Time

it’s been four weeks!! that was fast…right? Sadly that means there’s only three more weeks left. So little time and soo much to do but dont worry im sure that it’ll last. So for this weeks blog i was suppose to  interview someone and post about it. I interviewed Monica so i was suppose to write down what she said but sadly……i forgot what she said so im SORRY!!!!! i thought i was going to get killed by Baasima so i was scared. I was super worried because i had no one to interview.

Then there it was…..a convenience store. I decided to interview the owner. His name is chang. i asked him if he’s the owner and he said no, he told me him and his wife run it together. He also told me that his father gave it to him to run it as a family buisness. Wow i wonder how old it is. In his store he had some basic things a convenience store would have but there was something different i noticed. They sold flowers and plants. He told me that it was his wife’s idea to sell them. He is a father and also my neighbour. So if i ever have to buy groceries like milk and bread i could just walk next door in my pj’s and slippers and but them. He told me that his favourite fruit was litchi, also one of my favourute fruits. If you dont know what it looks like i’ll tell you. It looks like a strawberry but has a rough texture. If you peel the skin it is white in the inside, looks like a jelly and is very delicious. And he gave me a tip for making tofu. He told me not to fill the container but fill it up half way because the tofu will double in size.


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