Alana: From Hobby to Career

Ok so today I talked to Alana from painting our stories, she’s an artist who expresses herself and doesn’t like how art is portrayed as a business. She prefers that art should be expressed as a way to show how you feel about yourself, others, or the environment around you. She at first only liked art as a hobby and was really just doing it for fun, now years later she’s turned it
into a career.  Alana likes everything… so I guess that sums it up. I guess what she meant by that is she’s the kind of person who just doesn’t really hate anything and just adapts to anything. No one can like everything there is always something people don’t like, but after getting to know her I can see that she a free spirit so who really knows maybe she really does like everything. The one gardening tip she said to me was always talk to your plants. When she said this I wondered “how does that work?” so I looked it up and apparently when people talk to plants they are releasing carbon dioxide which is said to help plants grow. The only issue with it is that it’s more of a myth then a scientific fact as of there isn’t very much research involved in it. There are many theories about this some simple some too complicated to explain but until they find hard evidence I guess ill just take Alana’s word for it.


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