My Conversation with Carolyn

Monday  July 25  my interview with Carolyn was a success.  Before got to her I had a bit of a struggle at find somebody because it was hard to pick out of so many people. At first at wanted to interview James, but he couldn’t be there. After that I wanted to interview I one my bosses , but that was also canceled.  So then since these two couldn’t make it I still decided to look around. Moments later I’ve finally found someone that I could have an interview with. Turns I had an interview with Carolyn. Carolyn is also someone who works at Greenest City.

When I interview Carolyn I found something new it turns out that before she came to Greenest City she worked for another charity. Now shes an  executive director working at Greenest City. As executive director she does a lot to help Greenest City. She does a fundraiser which is part of her job, banking and also keeps the organization running smoothly.  Carolyn also she gave tips on her favorite vegetable is was bokchoy. The tips were slicing it up, then add few mushrooms and then fry it with a little bit of oyster sauce. What I also found out was she listens to what the visitors and sees the commons and differences.


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