Great New Moments!!!!!

Hello everyone, its me Dorjee. It has been three weeks since i started working and I’ve had some great moments that i would like to share with you today. Panting Our Stories was one of my Moments because i have never sewn a book in my life before. I didn’t finish my book yet but i’m sure it will turn out great. My next moment would be the Food Handlers Training (St. Chris). It is a workshop about food handling and safety. I learned about how i can get food poisoning by eating food which might be infected. Now i’m very cautious about where and how i get my food from.I have a lot of other moments too but my most favorite moment would be the Farmers Market. It is a Market where farmer’s bring harvested fruits and vegetables and sell them. Me and Aparna were given the opportunity to help the Vendors setup the Market. It is very fun and exciting because every Monday me and Aparna get to help and meet new people. Finally i would like Thank all the Youth Green Squad Members (Aparna , Tenzin, Becky, Miguel, Mithila and Winston) for making the past few weeks of summer the best. I would also like to thank Emma, Baasima and Shariya for giving me the Opportunity to be a part of the Greenest City YGS member. Last but not least i would like to thank the West End Food Co-op for giving me and Aparna this wonderful Opportunity to help and work with the farmers. I have made some new friends and learned about how farmers help the community.


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  1. Posted by Becky on July 26, 2011 at 1:48 am

    Painting our stories was also my favourite moment 😀


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