Favourite moments!

Ok so my most favourite moment would have to be teaching the little kids about plants. I never really taught children before about anything; actually I never really had any experience with children before so that was a great learning experience. I also enjoyed the salad we made out of the greens and herbs from the community garden and youth garden. It intrigued me how efficient and easy it was to make the salad and it tasted great and I’m not usually a fanatic about salads. It also made me learn that by having a garden you can have access to many ingredients and can save you a pretty penny.

I’ve talked to sue from the sketch program at the community garden and she was sharing her plants and fruits from their garden and it really made me think of how even two leaves can be so different from each other, one can smell like lemon, the other can be sugary, and the other leaf can even smell like fruit loops? Plants can be very useful for almost any situation
especially for recipes. Now for the thanks you’s yay!!!! I’d like to thank the community itself for being so diverse and creative; I’d also like to thank my fellow youth green squad members Aparna, Becky, Dorjee, Miguel, Tenzin and Winston for being such an amazing team and making this a fun experience for me, and finally I’d like to thank my bosses Shariya, Baasima, and Emma for giving me this opportunity to work at greenest city. So to end this I will say one random fact about me: I’m starting to like cats.


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