Week 2 and Still More To Go!!

My most favourite moment out of the two weeks I’ve spent as being a member of the Youth Green Squad was making lunch for the community members who come to P.A.R.C (Parkdale Activity and Recreation Centre). This is one of my favourite moments because I like helping people and it’s always nice to help out people who are in need of basic things like food, safe space, etc. P.A.R.C is a good and safe space for the community members who need this space, to come together and to socialize and have food.  Making for around 100-150 people is my first time experience and it is very rewarding to me. When they thank us for the food we made, I feel good to know that I helped put a smile on their face. I can say that I’ve learnt a lot from my experience at P.A.R.C.

Last Sunday, when Mithila and I were watering the plants a man came up to me and asked about the garden (Youth Garden). He shared his own story told me that he owned a farm back in his country but since he is in Toronto currently, his uncle was taking care of it. He loved gardening and was happy to see that youth from this community took an initiative too. After our conversation, he smiled and walked away. That moment, I was glad to that I was approachable and glad that I could hear his story. I would absolutely encourage all the youth in the community to come out and help us in the Youth Garden.

I would definitely like to thank all the Youth Green Squad members (Aparna, Becky, Dorjee, Miguel, Mithila, Winston). Thanks for making work fun through these two weeks. I would also like to thank Emma, Baasima and Shariya who went through a lot of interview process and gave me an opportunity to be a part of the Youth Green Squad. Last but never the least, thank you to James (Chef at P.A.R.C), who was so kind to us and helped guide us through everything that came up in the kitchen.



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