Blast From The Past

Hey there! I can’t believe that it’s already been 2 weeks since I’ve joined the Youth Green Squad. There were many memorable moments but I think my favourite moment was probably our visit to the Parkdale Youth Space. We did a really fun activity called ‘Painting Our Stories’ where everyone had a blank piece of paper with the same starting sentence at the top and our own creative continuing sentence. We folded the paper so that our continuing sentence wouldn’t be visible and then we passed our papers to the person beside us and they had to make their own sentence without knowing what the previous sentence was. In the end, we all had some pretty silly stories; it was really fun to read them out and listen to each other’s stories.

Besides my favourite moment, there were some pretty interesting things that happened the past two weeks as well. One day I met this lady from SISTERING at the park near the Masaryk community centre. It was really early in the morning and the community centre wasn’t open yet. We had a chance to start an interesting conversation. She mentioned how she was a part of SISTERING and how great the events and programs at the community centre were. She talked about the breakfast program and the gym space for people to work out and exercise. She seemed really happy to be a part of SISTERING and she even invited me to join!

Overall, there was never a dull moment in the last two weeks. I’ve learned a lot of new things from my team mates, the staff at Greenest City, James at PARC (Parkdale Activity and Recreation Centre), and from the members of the Parkdale community. I’d like to thank James for being so friendly and patient with us on our first Monday at the PARC kitchen. I think that’s he’s an amazing chef because he’s always able to come up with fantastic recipes with the limited ingredients that are available to him.


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