PARC Moment

My favorite movement in Greenest City was talking to the community members at PARC. Some of those community members while familiar faces, while others I got to know really well. The reason why this was my favorite moment in Greenest City was because when it comes to serving them they always seem to around gazing at something .Sometimes when they that I keep thinking that there is something on my forehead. I even got the chance to speak I community members. Its turns out they really liked the food we served to them. Other people had allergies so they couldn’t eat some of the foods that we cooked. Today we served chicken burger with ragu and garlic bread. A lot of the community members loved the garlic bread, but I really liked was that chicken burger and the ragu which tasted really nice. For people who don’t like to eat their vegetables I think this would be some thing good for you. One of the people that worked with me named Wayne, he reminds me of a special friend that goes to my school when he tells a joke.

There was a time when my boss gave me a good tip. She said “if a community member starts gazing in the air to get them your attention just tells them how was your day”. Today I actually took her advice and it worked. I was surprised that the community member didn’t yell at me. Now I think I’ve a new way to communicate with people.

I’d like to thank all of my team-mates for supporting me and repeating me for what I do in Greenest City. Also because I learned many thing from the Youth Green Squad


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