Hello Old Chaps – Miguel Here!

My first week at greenest city as a youth green squad member was awesome. My co-workers and I make a very good team and is a very lenient job with great activities and a lot of learning experience. I would say the potluck was the most active part of the entire week, but everyone managed to do such a great job that we finished with time to spare.

If I can have any super powers it would be the ability to shoot fire out of my hands. The reason I want that is so that in the coldest times ill always have warmth also I would have the ability to heat up food, myself and have a light source wherever I go. The only problem with that is it can also be very destructive and can harm living creatures if poorly used.

If the world was gonna end then I would probably get together with my friends and family and just have the biggest party in history and just finish with a bang. It would be like a street festival with every speaker I could find blasting music, has food and drinks and everyone just has fun with
the last few moments they have left. It doesn’t even have to be just friends and family, the entire world can be in on it too and it would turn into a worldwide phenomenon. Then id plays all the songs that relates to the world ending but somehow they’re sung in an upbeat, wanna dance your pants off kinda way.


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