A Little Piece of Green

Good morning/afternoon/ evening!  My name’s Becky and I am a member of the Youth Green Squad of 2011! Both my co-op teacher and my environmental club supervisor notified me of this awesome summer job opportunity. After doing a little research on the organization and reading the job description, I immediately applied. I felt that this job was entirely ideal for someone like me; an active member of the school’s environmental club and a strong supporter in growing local foods. In addition, it was a chance for me to gain valuable hands-on work experience and further develop my employment skills.

My first week as a Youth Green Squad member was an amazing experience. Although it started off a bit slow with the amount of paperwork and legal policies that we had to go through, the further we got into the week the more exciting it became. I really liked visiting the farmer’s market in Sorauren Park, and the visit to the Youth Garden! I learned that you have to take different procedures to planting different types of plants. One memorable lesson was that you have to mount the soil before you plant the cucumber seeds. I’m really looking forward to seeing the fruits of our efforts!

Overall, I’m really enjoying my summer adventure as a Youth Green Squad member! I’m also really excited about tomorrow, we’re going to be baking Cherry-Apple Crumble with the fresh cherries and apples that we bought from the farmer’s market! Besides the baking, I’m also looking forward to working with the Youth Green Squad team members and the Greenest City staff in the next 6 weeks!

P.S. The attached picture below was taken by me at the farmer’s market in Sorauren Park.


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