Rejuvenating Space

One of the goals and driving forces behind what we do in Greenest City is rejuvenating the local space around us and adding to it a dollop of vitality that engages the community.

Through our work with HOPE Garden in Masaryk Park, our first major initiative in Parkdale, and the subsequent murals and activities, our hopes were to help in infusing a variety of colours into the personality of the neighbourhood; and not just art for the sake of beauty, but more like beauty in the art of meaningful transformation.

Of course, this metamorphosis is multifaceted, and has layers upon layers of culture, background and significance to put into context. You have to be present to fully appreciate the full-extent of how a neighbourhood comes to be.

But if you can’t, for now at least, you’ll have to make do with pictures. And although they’ll never do justice to the depth of the transformation, or compare to smiling and talking with a community member, it does provide an aspect of Parkdale that is organic and oozing with colours.


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