Strawberry Picking – A Note of Gratitude

Coming to work at Greenest City everyday is a privilege, a realization which sometimes tends to get shuffled around the numerous organizing and planning that we do in the office. It’s a fact for any organization that initiates community-wide programs: you have budgets to deal with, logistics to keep up with, databases to record, so on and on…

But there are those times, of course, when we step back and just soak in the lightness of the work we do.

It’s hard to describe it, but it is there, somewhere — it makes you crack a wide smile and feel fortunate about where you are. It is the when, what and how all coming together in an open and radiating set of palms side by side.

It’s hard to say, so we’ll let a letter from a member of our community garden convey the fullness of our appreciation:

Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot for organizing and taking my family to the strawberry farm. Everyone really enjoyed it.

First of all, after a rainy and a tenderly night, the weather was nice (cloudy and sunny). Another beautiful thing was going out of the city where green hills, blue and wide sky, beautiful fields and farmhouses were our view out of the bus windows…everyone could easily go to the field and pick the strawberries (even Sarah who is two and a half years old). We all enjoyed tasting and picking the fresh and sweet strawberries. Little Sarah enjoyed riding on the tractor.

I myself enjoyed picking and tasting the strawberries on the field; it reminded me of my childhood where my father was planting some rows of strawberry in his fruit garden.

The other important thing that I cannot help mentioning is Carolyn’s treatment to the group. She was very kind and helpful; and she showed it by smiling, dealing, talking and taking pictures of everyone in the group.

More than picking strawberries, we learned a lot from the trip and enjoyed it. Thanks a lot, once more, Greenest City.

The email was sent after a strawberry farm trip we did on Saturday, June 28. The writer is a mother of three and an immigrant from Afghanistan. Her family has a plot in the HOPE Community garden.

We’d like to thank our wonderful members for allowing us this opportunity to create memories like these.

Lots more to come this summer.


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